My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 2.31.195 BETA Firmware for Reboot Issue

WD Community,

We’ve made available a BETA version of My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 firmware 2.31.195 that
resolves the boot up issue when the units uptime exceeds two weeks.

    PR2100 :
    PR4100 :


  1. Ensure that you have a backup of your data in another location
  2. Power OFF and ON your My Cloud PR2100 / PR4100
  3. Download the BETA 2.31.195 release for your device to the local computer
  4. Manually update the firmware to the BETA version of 2.31.195
  5. Wait two weeks or 14+ days
  6. Reboot the My Cloud and the issue should be resolved

WD Staff

Thanks for putting this up! Fingers crossed it has an impact.
One thing I noticed. When I rebooted using this firmware, one of my PR4100’s had a USB disk plugged in, and on the initial screen after login, instead of having the usual pie graphic of disk usage, this one showed only a large “Free Space 2.35TB” message instead. I never saw that before.

Ok I have another problem which I think must be down to the beta firmware.
Using the beta firmware, I now get network error 500 on all 3 of my PR4100s if I try to copy or move files around using the ios iphone mycloud app. Didnt change anything else except the firmware and never had this problem before.

Just to add to this now: downgrading back to 2.31.195 release fixes the problem.

@scb99 thanks for the reporting the issue with beta 2.31.195. We’ve updated the links with new beta builds.

I think you need to grant public access to the new beta build - I don‘t have a box account and can‘t download it.

@scb99 FIXED

Thanks - downloaded and will be trying it out this weekend.
Will post here if any new issues

I followed the six steps but the firmware install fails. “Firmware Update Failed”…? On my PR4100

Any ideas?