Logging into MyCloud EX4 is so slow it often times out

The ribbon and outline of the dashboard display normally, but then nothing happens until it most times time out. Firmware 2.11.178


Same here. Firmware 2.31.183


We have a pattern. I can’t check my version because I can’t login.

Tried to reboot and now the LCD shows it is stuck in rebooting system.

I have a real love hate relationship with this NAS.

I had to pull the power cord.

Unbelievably, it powered up and everything seems back to normal.

@BuSch @habskilla this thread if for the older My Cloud EX4. I’m assuming that you have a My Cloud PR2100 or PR4100. If yes, please check this thread for interest in the BETA 2.31.195 release My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 2.31.195 BETA Firmware for Reboot Issue

I have the EX4.

Also, gone a whole day without issue.