PR4100 firmware update problems - every time it updates :(

I really hoped this would be fixed by now, but no.
I have switched autoi updates off now so my server isnt broken when I need it. So I download and update from the MyCloud control panel - i run a Windows 10 system
Then it goes through the motions, and says it is shutting down to apply update.
Then its sits there rebooting forever.
Evenetually I have to manually power down from front panel.
It starts again, but is unavailable on the network so then I have to manually reboot it again.
Now it restarts but shows this error message:
Power was lost from the system. Performing file system consistency check. Please wait.
This is clearly not ideal. And I worry that some day it will not recover.
I cannot be the only one with issues like this?

The issue mention is fixed in firmware 2.31.204 which means this issue should not occur while using this firmware version.

Okay thanks for that. This firmware was installed two days ago, and I still had to manually restart twice so it could be seen on my network.
Lets see how it goes on the next update.


This issuse isn’t FIXED by the number of users currently searching and wanting the problem resolved !

Please pull this date firmware 2.31.204 off the download until the problem has been resolved or at least inform us HOW to update our respective NAS.

I for one, run my NAS as RAID 5, 4 x 6TB HHD’s with 50% used and used as Plex for both Movies, Music and TV Series.

I have the same problems once the update has been applied it sits there saying its rebooting. Nothing on the display shows it’s even rebooting or shutting down !

So, either inform us how to update to the latest frimware or pull it from the download.

Let me rephrase - the stuck on rebooting issue will not occur when the PR4100 has been upgraded to firmware 2.31.204 and has been power cycled off and on again so that firmware 2.31.204 is the active firmware version.