PR2100 on FIOS Gateway 'Router'

A week or so ago I created a post regarding the difficulty I am having accessing my PR2100 when not connected to my home network. In the post I shared that I am now hundreds of emails, calls and hours with Tier 2 support technicians in on trying to resolve this problem and still we are nowhere. So before anyone asks, every solution that is in the WD Tier-2 Support manual has been tried and no, they do not seem to have the wherewithal to problem solve beyond the manual.

This community came back with suggestions around replacing the firmware with something else, and I am not going to do that. First, if the problem is my router, this will likely not fix it, second, it seems pretty complicated and not for the squeamish and finally, WD should provide firmware that works or find a patch that does.

My revised question now is, ‘is anyone with a PR2100 accessing it remotely over a FIOS Gateway router?’ and if so, did you have to do anything, other than setting the default DNS server to Google DNS ( and, to make it work?

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