PR2100 setup on Verizon Fios OS5

Hello all,

I searched, but found nothing resembling this. I just purchased a PR2100 after upgrading from an EX2. I had an issue with the EX2 where the dashboard simply wasn’t allowing items to be selected. After hours and hours of researching, the problem was that I had to open some ports on my router’s console. After adding ports, the previous items started connecting without issue.

My new drive, although 5 times faster, is doing the same thing.

I can’t:
Add Cloud Access for a user
Remove Cloud Access for a user
Create or remove a Share
When selecting the Plex Media app and clicking “config” a mostly blank page tells me I’m not allowed to access the page
The Backup option is now gone from the dashboard menu? (kind need that option, did they do away with it? How else do you use the drive in the second bay for backup?)

I’ve adjusted the settings in Chrome to allow all items
Using DHCP

I adjusted some things in the router, and suddenly more buttons work, but not the ones I need. I’m confident there has to be some setting I need to add.

I’m happy to try any suggestions that anyone has!


Hi @heathtougas,

Please refer to the article How to Setup My Cloud OS 5 Dashboard and How to Use It:

Please refer to the article Adding Users and Enable Cloud Access on My Cloud OS 5

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: