My Cloud OS 5 - Remote Dashboard Access *MUST HAVE*

I have 3 PR2100’s, 2 of which are in remote locations (other states), so I’ve always relied on the ability to access via the Remote Dashboard Access. In OS 5 the option to enable this has been removed, which now means I have no ability to remotely manage these two PR2100’s. I need these options to be able to remotely install updates for Plex Media Server and any other tasks which requires the Admin dashboard.

Can you please return the ability to enable Remote Dashboard Access, as this change currently makes 2 of the 3 PR2100’s I have extremely difficult to manage.


Strange as no one till now notice your topic !!!

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Please update on this topic

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When this topic will be solved ?

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@MTHammoud The Remote Dashboard Option has been removed in My Cloud OS 5.

My Cloud OS 5 Firmware Release Notes

Why? Doesn’t make any sense

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Oh no! PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is in the works to come back. Why on earth would this be disabled?!

@SBrown issue here is that many of your customers use these devices in remote locations where they need to be able to login remotely to make changes.
I purchased WD NAS’s on the basis this was possible, now you’ve removed this capability, rendering these unable to be managed in remote locations.

It’s a cop out to just say “this has been removed”, you’ve removed Docker, but after user feedback that this is required you’ve announced you’ll be bringing this back.
Users have also advised Sonos functionality no longer works, so you’ve brought back NTLMv1 support.

This thread shows Remote Management is required by users, so should be offered with a way forward for users who have these products in remote locations, giving them the ability to remotely manage.

My biggest use case, is logging in and updating to the latest Plex update by uploading the latest .bin from Plex. As Plex release updates every month or so.

If you can provide instructions on how I can install Plex updates via SSH, this would at least provide me a way to keep Plex up to date on these remote NAS’s.

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With no backwards compatibility to go back to OS3 you have crippled many users, this needs to be added quickly. This is something that deserves more notification then a small line in the release notes.


Please say there is an update getting worked on that will bring this back

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The latest firmware gives you access to the UI from different subnet. . . . Does that help?
I believe it helps me (have not tested yet); as my access to my network using VPN logically falls into the subnet trap.

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