Accessing WB Dashboard Outside Local Network

As it seems plex is having issues on these new boxes locking up and being non responsive at random times it requires accessing the app tab and turning plex off and on again to get it working again.

I’m using mycloudpr4100.local to access that while home but if I’m away and outside my local network is there a way to access that so I can reset and restart plex app?


Some advanced Users have used SSH to access their Dashboards remotely in other members of the WD My Cloud family, but I am not aware if this is possible for the PR series. You can however, access the Dashboard indirectly by connecting remotely to a computer within the same network, and launching the Dashboard.

Ok I switched that on but I still don’t understand how to access it outside my network. If I log in via I don’t see access to the dashboard settings just my files. Is there another way I should be trying to access it ?

as the tiny blue box says, you’ll need to create a portforward on your router for a certain port to the nas local ip and port 80. You’ll also need dyndns address, then you can http://dyndns:portchoseinrouterconfig