Mycloud PR4100 remote issue

from two days we are facing to connect my cloud remotely.
how this issue resolved.
if anyone suggestion please reply me.

I am also experiencing remote connectivity issues for the cloud that I manage for our small business. We have a PR2100 and cannot connect through the WD Sync desktop app (Windows), the My Cloud mobile app (iPhone), or through the My Cloud online portal (your screenshot above).

I have been trying all kinds of things to reconfigure cloud access with no success. My dashboard shows Cloud Access is on, Connected, and “Port forwarding connection established.”

I am able to remotely access media stored on my PR2100 via the Plex mobile app, so I definitely know the PR2100 is connected to the Internet. My PR2100 firmware is up to date (last updated December 19, 2019). My Eero wifi system is up to date (last updated February 19, 2020).

This issue is very frustrating and starting to impact our business. Western Digital’s lack of updates to their “ Distruption” post is irresponsible.

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Still the same.
its going to four days, My cloud should fix this issue as soon as possible.
Our work is pending due to this.
if anyone have solution please reply me.

At the moment it’s working for me. The problem has been intermittent over the last days.

What worries me more is to know what’s going on. Is this an internal WD problem or some kind of external DOS attack? And if the latter, could my credentials have been compromised?

I’m not sure about the root cause. I can say that my actual server (PR2100) was, in fact, successfully reachable from outside the local network for the entire duration of WD’s outage. To test, I was able to turn wifi off on my phone and access movies and TV shows via the Plex app (media stored on my PR2100). So I know my server had connectivity the entire time, just not through WD’s applications.

The Cloud Access issue seems to have been somehow linked to a login issue they were having on Mar 9, 2020. Either the same, or similar, issue was affecting logins AND Cloud Access, or their login fix broke Cloud Access. Specific details haven’t been made available at this time, as far as I know.