PR2100 lost internet connection after update

Hi Everyone,

Noob here. My PR2100 automatically updated recently and now it has no internet connection. I’ve tried everything from reboot, router settings (I’m using an Orbi RBR850), and now I’ve done the 40 second reset to set it up from scratch again. During setup I get this message:
“We are unable to connect your device to the Internet. Please ensure you have plugged in an ethernet cable and that it is connected to a router that is online.” Everything is in fact online and plugged in correctly and clearly it is showing up on my local network.
Anyone else having the same issue? Any help would be much appreciated.



Please refer to the following KBA article:

The same thing happens to me. I have the same WD PR2100. I upgraded and now I can’t access the internet. It seems that the problem is the update. Could anyone find a solution?

recently my PR2100 it has same issue.

No dice Logan. Thanks for the suggestion though. No internet after trying what your link suggests.
I just updated the firmware manually (because I have no internet connection of course) to 5.14.105 hoping that would fix the problem, but guess what? WD didn’t fix the problem yet. Clearly it’s a firmware issue.
I have just listed my PR2100 for sale and ordered a Synology because this is a complete joke.