2 days old PR2100 and nothing HELP!

I just purchased my WD PR2100 and I have not been able to Connect to the cloud or hard drive in anyway.
As soon as I connect the power supply and the network cable by Pressing the power on button nothing happens but then have to hold it the green light comes and and after and the two red LED lights come on. I have tried all the reset 4and 40sec but still no luck. I have tried to contact the technical support but they keep asking me for my logs, keep sending an e-mail saying how can you have logs if you can’t connect to the drive.

Can somebody please help me, I just feel like I’ve just flushed the £1000.
Thank you

  1. What capacity and part number did you purchase?
  2. Did you check to ensure there are two hard drives in the bays?
  3. Did you connect the PR2100 to a network router?
  4. Does it get an IP address?