Internet acess

I upgraded my ex2 ultra to OS5, and I have this network problem, it does not seek updating.
But I can access my files through the android app.

when I try to do manual update, the failure.

does anyone know how to fix?
already opened ports on the router, reset the Ex2.

does anyone else have this problem?screenshot.9

@DougP The message mean the firmware download has reached it’s maximum capacity of downloads for today. You may want to wait or manually update the firmware by downloading to the local computer and then doing a manual firmware update

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Thank you!
do you know when an update will come out to fix these problems?

highly unlikely that the issue is max downloads. we’ve had this issue immediately following the OS5 update and it also broke our share access. anyone have a fix for this issue?

My Cloud access on the WD PR4100 is now also broken.
Device shows access to the internet but no access to cloud server neither to firmware update server.
Has WD again disabled everything again because the firmware upgrade does not work??

Anyone knows about a fix?