EX4100 no cloud access after update to os5

I have no access to my cloud after the update.
I did also the factory reset and nothing changed, I tried with two different router also both with factory setting.
I have access to the my local lan. If I try to do the cloud access the message that I get is “internet connection problem”, but is not, I verified that with the WD support, I receive regular report email from my system, so, if I try to reset the password in the cloud, I’m redirect to the os5.mycloud.com and if I type a new password the website said that the link is expired… it’s not.
I spent weeks with the italian WD support but they ended with the answer to wait a new firmware upgrade because my machine is not working for unknow reason… :neutral_face: my ex4100 is totally useless after the upgrade right now.

@Flavioica what’s your support case number?