Can't enable Cloud Access

Hi, I have a problem on my WD My cloud Ex2 Ultra Nas.

I had estabilish my first access cloud. Yesterday i disabled and when i try to re-.enable i was stuck on update

Is there any solution to this?


I just wanted to say that I have the same problem - it is stuck on the Cloud Login and does not finish the request. I even made a (soft) reset on the system settings and reconfigured everything but it did not help. Due to the system reset it also removed the NAS from my cloud account so I can not even use the app anymore.

I also saw that the network request runs into a 500 Internal Server Error - the Site itself keeps hanging on the “Wird aktualisiert” screen until it runs into the preconfigured web timeout (5 min).

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I have the same problem. After disabling Cloud Access, I have been trying to enable it and it hangs on “Updating…”, eventually timing out and going back to the logon screen.

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Same problem here. With the only exception that I have not disabled cloud connection. It just doesnt work anymore and I can enable it. It works in LAN but not outside my network.

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Same here. I think it’s a problem on the OS5 Mycloud Server from Western Digital.

I think we need to wait. They are are doing some updates on the Login-System.

Same happens to me!
It seems to be a global problem

Same Problem !!

I have same problem. any news?
I have PR4100.
I tried to logoff from cloud and now i cannot enter

Same issue here My Cloud EX 2 Ultra changed password no luck

Same issue …

Same problem with WDMyCloud 6T FW version 5.19.117

Same happend to me.

But wasn´t there any confused programming in the past with WD software and “old” devices e.g. security… :upside_down_face:

Customes are betatesters!
Thx WD

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25 Jan 2022INCIDENT

We are seeing issues with the proxy service in several regions. Service quality is currently degraded. We are investigating and working towards restoring full service.

even Apple was having cloud problems today

Same problem! I cannot use it.

Seems to be fixed for me. Can connect again, NAS is indexing.

I have the same issue. As admin I cannot log in to activate cloud access