Cloud access disabled. Can't sign in

I’ve just bought a My Cloud EX2 ultra device. When I set it up for the first time it asked me to merge from Cloud 3 to Cloud 5 which I did. Now, when I try to configure cloud access either creating a new account or signing in to an existing account, the system runs for about 10 minutes with the message “updating”… after that it goes back to the NAS dashboard login page, but when I log in, it keeps saying “my cloud disabled”.

I’ve also tried the 40 sec reset but nothing changed…

Any idea?

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@flaviobg Please collect your My Cloud OS 5 system logs. I will send you a private message

I have the same problem. @SBrown, could you please help me, too?

I have the same problem.
Have you found a solution?

Pls contact the WD support team directly for help if you continue to see this problem.

Dear Samuel,
Have you found a solution to this problem?