Version upgrade

On my WD My Cloud EX4 I’m being told I must update Plex Media Server to version, however on the Plex software download page ( WD My Cloud EX4 doesn’t appear in the list. I’ve tried uninstalling the Plex version that came with the NAS, then re-installing it (in the hope it would download the latest version) but it installed the same out of date version.

What can I do to fix this problem, because Plex won’t run fully until I complete the upgrade.


Through WD standards procedures, I believe that’s not possible. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Also, you can create a request on the ideas board to see if in a future update for the product this can be included.

my nas is dl2100

when i clicked the “download manually” link from the Plex config pages (logged into the nas and opened plex config), i got the right plex file to download. never found it str8 from the plex site.

then turned off plex from apps in the nas (didnt uninstall) and use the downloaded file to update the plex app. (installing it as a new app.)