Plex Media Server on My Cloud EX4

I can not find a version of Plex Media Server that is accepted by Plex Media Agent. My agents require 1.3.* as a minimum and my Plex server on My Cloud EX4 is

Any ideas how to get an update of the server?

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Having same issue. Manually installing with latest plex for WD NAS fails. Wish I had never bought this EX4100. Nothing works.

To update Plex for your WD NAS from Apps section of Dashboard click on Plex Media Server, select Run App, once Plex is running, directly above that click Configure to open your actual section of Plex web page of Plex settings and at top of page you can download the newest version of Plex for your NAS. Once you have the bin file downloaded you can install it with the instructions below;

Open your My Cloud User Interface/Dashboard.
Navigate to the Apps Page.
Select “Add a new App” (the small box with a “+” on the lower left.)
Select “Manually add a new App.”
Navigate to where you downloaded the update file (*.bin).
Select the *.bin update.
Follow instructions from there.

As per comment, manually installing the latest plex for WD NAS fails and have performed the steps you cite several times. This is with the latest bin for WD NAS from Plex.

There is no version for My Cloud EX4! What do I do?
latest bin