My Cloud Reports New Plex Update Available Incorrectly


I have upgraded the Plex media server to, and the Web UI for Plex confirms that I am on the latest version. However, the My Cloud Mirror Admin Apps Page is notifying me that a new update is available, and refers to version - which is obviously older than the one Plex themselves advise to update to. Should I purposefully go back to the older version?



That happened to me before, i just went to the site and downloaded it from there and installed the appilcation manually and it sloved it for me. I would keep up-to-date rather than using an old release. I suppose WD’s servers in which the apps are taken take some time to keep up-to-date with new releases.

Thanks Baraka. That’s what I’ve done, and I’ll just ignore the warning notifications for now.

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I am trying to install the update and I can’t locate it on
It appears only versions for different models are available for download - not the MyCloud Mirror.
Can you direct me to the link?

Now that is interesting, i checked myself and it is no longer there, i was just on it last night and it was there for the MIrror versions very interesting. Anyhow here is the link

Not sure why it isn’t showing there.