Plex Install - Very Old Version

Continuing the discussion from New Release - Plex Media Server version 1.3.2 (12/21/16):

I read this note from back in december, and proceeded to follow the app install process from the WD App Panel on my PR4100. After the install completed, I find that it has installed 1.01.2366 and not this latest version from the app store, which is still behind the releases available directly from

Auto update of the app? Where? Within the Plex PMS or somewhere within the Western Digital PR4100 UI? Doesn’t seem like I can get the 1.3.2 release and manually install it either.

That link notes:

This version did not go through the WD SQA process and is not available from the WD app store

As such, it has to be manually installed from Plex’s site (The latest version for WD NAS devices is, dating from March 1, 2017).

Im looking only for the WD SQA released versions. I’ve tried the latest direct from plex and its buggy as heck, had to roll back even on my Plex PMS server (dedicated Streamer Intel i7 box).