Plex to update, with 2 year old version

Could you fix the notification of update of the apps. My PR4100 is telling me to update plex to version which is 2013!!!
FIx it, or make the app section usefull, choose one please.

Did you manually install Plex Version from ?
Can you provide a screenshot of the update notification with the version?

@ SBrown Yes I always update the apps manually.

These are the screenshot:

@Kiwivda OK thanks. We’re aware of the issue when installing Plex version 1.15 manually as outlined in the article below and working with Plex to resolve. NOTE: the version of Plex on the WD App Store is 1723878 (1.7) and the latest Plex version is 1150647 (1.15) but if you remove the decimals, 172 looks like an upgrade to 115