Plex server update

Hi all!,

  I have install the Plex Server from Dashboard:

          Plex Media Server: Issue: 091211.1406

  Into the Plex Server I have a notification about there is a new version available: Issue

  What steps can I do in order to update the app ?

  If I press the download link  I take a .bin file  and I don't know what I should do with it. 

Thanks in advance,
Manolo Q.

Download the BIN File from Plex - use the link presented in the header line of the Plex web interface or direct from website and select the correct NAS model.

After you have downloaded the BIN file to your PC, use the manual App installation of the My Cloud App center and point to the BIN file on your PC. You will be asked if you want the App to be updated, click yes and the Plex will be updated.

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All was OK.
A lot of thanks

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