Updating Plex Media Server

New user here, thanks in advance for your patience and advice.

I followed the install instructions on my EX4100 and activated the version of Plex already on the NAS, instead of downloading from plex.tv.

My Plex player is now telling me that I should update my Media Server to v1.14.1.5488 and I’ve downloaded a .bin file to a PC on my network.

Am I OK to update PMS using this .bin file? If so, how do I do it - is it just a question of using “install an app manually” from the app page?

The procedure to do this has been given many times in the forums. Just a few days ago a WD support person wrote:

You can follow the steps given below to update the plex manually on your My Cloud EX2 device.

Open your My Cloud User Interface.
Navigate to the Apps Page.
Select “Add a new App” (the small box with a “+” on the lower left.)
Select “Manually add a new App.”
Navigate to where you downloaded the update file (*.bin).
Select the *.bin update.
Follow instructions from there.

Thanks Mike. I did search the forum for the keyword Plex, but didn’t find anything. Maybe it’s because I was searching within the EX4100 board?

Anyway, glad to know it’s safe to update and that I’m on the right lines. Much appreciated.

Yep. for something like Plex that covers many devices, a search of all forums works best.