Plex media server on EX2100

Top o’ the morning all,

I would like to install Plex media server on my EX2100 (which has a load of stuff stored on it already)

WD news release says Plex is now available:

Is there a WD .bin update for this? or is only available on brand new boxes?

The PLEX web site has (at a download for the BIN file

Anyone know what I might do with this file? The firmware on my EX2100 is 1.06.127
do I do a “Manual Update” of the firmware with the PLEX .bin file? and if so, will all my existing data still be there afterword?



The whole procedure for adding Apps to your NAS are described in the complete user manual for your particular model.  It’s not as complicated as you would imagine, so download the manual from WD Support and get up to speed on this.

All you have to do is open the UI in your browse, click on the APPS tab, then click on the add apps button.  Select Plex Media Server and install.

Thanks Tin, you are right, easy peasy.

Guess I should have RTFM a little more.

Anyway the .bon file you can use it to install manually from the link in the dialog box. :wink: or via ssh.

Go here:

Click on NAS, select WD from the top tabs, then click on Download and select your WD NAS.

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