Plex Media Sever not listed in Apps for PR4100 Pro Series

Just got my PR4100 pro series 16TB NAS and Im very disappointed to see that the Plex Media Server is not available in the add Apps selection list.

WD advertised on the Pro Series page:
“Stream anything
With built-in hardware transcoding and the downloadable Plex Media Server, your team can smoothly stream HD media wherever they have an internet connection.”

Is the app still in development and to be made available later? If so when?

I have upgraded to the latest Firmware.

I bought this NAS for the Plex Media Server capability. This is very disappointing!

I also have the same problem ! i pay very much for a product that doesnt supprt the apps that where promised ! so WD please let Plex server app appear in the app list from my cloud pr4100 and also nzbget


Thank you for reporting an issue with the availability of Plex for the PR2100 / PR4100 Pro Series My Cloud devices.
Plex is supported on both product models.
We will investigate the issue reported.

Here are the current downloadable releases for Plex on the Pro Series which can be manually installed from the App Screen.

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Thank you for your reply and posting the link. I’ve downloaded and successfully installed PMS manually. :grinning:

My PR2100 rebooted last night with a firmware update and I was prompted this morning to install a new version of Plex.

I am now running version as an FYI.

Got my PR4100 and unable to connect to the plex once enable locally with the IP, was briefly but not unable. Tried uninstalling, reinstall and even a reset of the device but unable to use the configure to manage plex or even connect to it.

Please advise as this is very disappointing seeing how much I paid for this device.

Thank you.

Is there also already A bin file for NZBGet for the Mycloud PR4100 because WD says i can install it treu app centre in my bloud but its also not there i already downlouded the plex server bin an its now running

i have a mycloud PR4100 Firmware: V2.21.111