Plex Issue - Unable to connect to "My Cloud Home" securely

Since the app update Plex seems to have issues? I’m getting a message Unable to connect to “My Cloud Home” securely. I can access my cloud via my folder in windows and mobile and see all the files but Plex doesn’t seem to want to connect to drive anymore. I have not changed any settings at all, it just suddenly happened…

Any advice would be appreciated.


Not enough that my cloud home discovery has some severe issues. Now also Plex messed something up. People reporting Plex can not access my cloud home anymore. I cannot access my Plex folders from the internet anymore. Unfortunately I doubt it that these problems will ever be fixed.

I got my setup working again by connecting to MyCloud, selecting the Plex App and used the DISABLE option. Then I clicked ENABLE and all my media began populating. This was after spending 2+ hours messing with features of “remote access”, turning off secure connections, port forwarding within the router. So, if anyone continues to have problems with plex server not showing files-- Disable the server app and re-enable. Worked for me!

Ni it didnt work for me I’m afraid… I must have enabled and disabled around 10 times along with rebooting etc… I’m still getting the message now of

The server “My Cloud Home” is unavailable

Plex will automatically try to reconnect to this server

With regards to port forwarding, I thought you cannot configure on these units? WD Support is apparently looking at the logs, but I’m convinced they can help. It all went screwy since updates! It was working fine before…

Dragging up this old thread. Since the 7.15 firmware update on my MyCloud Home Duo, Plex cannot connect securely to the server. Port forwarding is all correct, the server is accessible remotely, but the SSL has gone screwy. Has anyone also got this issue? Was there ever a resolution before?

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Yep — exact same issue. Plex works fine locally, can access via local LAN, router is set correctly for UPnP, correct port, and the rest. But SSL is shot and Plex remote can’t access the server library at all.

All since 7.15 update was installed.

I have raised the issue with WD support who, as with others in this thread, say there is no reported issues and they don’t support 3rd party apps.

I have respectfully responded referencing this thread and the Plex setup support article which states “you can’t arbitrarily update the server version. Instead, new Plex Media Server updates will be delivered by Western Digital in the control panel of the My Cloud Home.”

I am expecting a response which doesn’t help me, but would appreciate if anyone reading this article would do the same to try and escalate the issue with the WD team.

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I also contacted the support in hope of a solution. The problem with the app update affects me too but I’ve been trying in general to get WD to give the users the possibility of updating their MyCloud Home server to the newest Plex version because I’m still on version and the newest version available is (?!?!) Am I just too dumb to find the correct way of updating the MyCloud Home Plex app or has it really been that long since an update?

WD always tells me “ah yes, there will be an update soon…” yeah well no, I’ve been waiting for an update for a year at least and nothing happened. I upgraded to Plex Pass half a year ago and can’t access any of the premium features because my server version is too old.
Sorry for this tempered post, but this matter really frustrates me. Hope WD will handle this matter someday soon.

im also having this problem
very annoying
I think my WD is in the newest ver. and the Plex also
I cannot access to the server setting of Plex (altho on tv I can watch anything as normal)

Wd is on ver. 7.15.1-101
Plex server is unreachable so I don’t know what version is.

I’m having the same problem

I had the same problem, but finally managed to setup plex and get it working.

I’ve opened plex app and configured it using direct address on MyCloudHome:

  1. Load the on your Server computer using http://localhost:32400/web or , for instance

Hope that helps

There is definitely something wrong with SSL on the WD MyCloud Home Plex servers.

The only way I’ve been able to get things to work is to do this:

  1. Go into your Plex server settings (on same network http://<ip.address>:32400/web).
  2. Go to Settings/Network in the left menu
  3. For “Secure Connections” set to Disable.
  4. Scroll down and save changes.

Your remote connections should work now (granted all other remote settings are working), but by disabling secure connections your remote connections aren’t secure (encrypted) anymore. So do at your own comfort level. Also, be aware that the client you are using must allow insecure connections. For example, the Roku Plex app has a setting in its Advance menu that allows you to “Allow Insecure Connections”.

Hopefully WD will one day update the Plex server, but I’m not holding my breath.


I am in a My Cloud Home Beta they are running right now and they have updated the Plex for us to test
The Plex copy I am running is

they are walking about having this new Software for the My Cloud Home released to normal users early 2022.

So Plex update is coming, just not as quick as everyone would be hoping for.

Thanks @Ashy999au for sharing! Is anything else getting any better with the beta?

The biggest change I can say I guess would be
We are updating from a Android based Operating system to Linux Operating System
Firmware update is after 8.x.x - see image below
Just happy for the MCH to have Plex working once again :grin:

So they are removing the not so used Android layer. It had already a Linux kernel from my understanding.
Still necessary to use WD Discovery and the proprietary file system?
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the insights.
For the sake of clarity, this how Western Digital describe MCH on its developer website (where you can see the Linux Kernel at the root of the layers:


I never myself understood this Android app thing…

Just to clarify as I’m a computer engineer. OS’s and kernels are not the same thing. Android (just like Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, etc.) is the OS or distribution layer that runs on top of the Linux kernel. The kernel is the lower layer that bridges the application and OS software with the hardware and also container the bootloader software. The OS facilitates the management of the applications, delegates processes and threads, etc.

I’m oversimplifying things and probably not explaining them perfectly, but in the end it’s unlikely that the software stack will be changing in the new update. Just getting updated.

i could not access my MCH plex server since 48 hours, is it down ? am i the only one encountering this problem ?