Please Help - Network Link Down - Error Code 1002

Please can I get some help with this MyCloud access issue.

My cloud is only accessible if I unplug the ethernet cable, wait a while then connect it again - then I can get… maybe 5 minutes of connection before it drops out again.

I have called support, was spoken to like I don’t matter and my issue was just another hassle to deal with.

My phone call wasn’t even fully completed - I was given the instruction to unplug the ethernet cable wait 5 minutes then re-connect it (as I had done multiple times before I called support) then call back if it didn’t work - then they hung up - without even closing the conversation…

This is a joke - I can’t even use my MyCloud at all

Good Morning Stacey,

Please accept our sincerest apologies if you’ve experienced what is stated.

Can you PM with your WD Support Case number please? 

I cannot locate in our system under your provided email address

“Based on the comments in your post”, you may be experiencing an IP conflict.

Providing the system logs would also assist with our investigation into your issue.

Thank You,

Samuel Brown

Same issue. Rang support no joy…

I have the smane Issue… What can I do?

Hello. Same Issue here. WD - can you please post here a public solution? Thank you

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