Please HELP HDD Cloud EX2 Ultra

Dear reader,

So i bought the My Cloud EX2 Ultra without an HDD since I still had a never used HDD (from HP) lying around.

I entered the HDD in my newly purchased My Cloud EX2, first the HDD blinks on blue but the power unit keeps blinking.

After a short while the powersupply turns blue but then the HDD turns red.

Question: is my HDD supported? Can I only use WD hdd’s on this thing?

Any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

BR Thomas


Click on the link below to see the compatibility list for the My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

This is because you have yet to properly format the drive and set it up for your NAS to use. You’ll see this sequence of lights only when the system has a new drive that is not formatted, or has an improper format. Try logging into your unit using the default credentials, and you’ll see it brings you straight to the Storage > RAID tab. Configure your new drive(s) as JBOD (if single drive) or RAID (if you have two of them), allow the NAS to format for a few minutes, and you’re done; the lights will all switch back to blue.

I am trying to setup my new ex2 ultra but the setup is unable to recognise my ex2 ultra. Please suggest a solution.

I have similar situation. The hdd shows solid red light and i cant access the cloud itself because the setup doesn’t detect the ex2 ultar