Playing video in the Windows App remotely

Hi,  Wondering if anyone can shed any light on what I’m missing in the settings perhaps.

From my Windows App outside my home network I cannot get video to play even though I can get music to play.  Music is played through the app’s native player and the video opens in WMP but nothings happens apart from the blue skip bar is growing.  Surely it’ll stream video while not having the lot of the file yet as music does, but nothing plays?

EDIT: It’s just standard avi files I’m trying to make play.



I’m not 100% certain, but I think it might depend on how the video file is authored.  

Some formats (MOV, QT, MP4, etc with certain options enabled) lend themselves to “streaming” because the video metadata, cues, indexes, etc, all appear at the beginning of the file.

Other formats don’t lend themselves well to that.