Playing videos online remotely

  1. I inherited a My Cloud a couple of months ago, but haven’t worked with it continuously after initial setup because I was not pleased with the way it performed.
  2. I logged on remotely three weeks ago form my sis’s and I had the option to right click and play(with designated player) / share / download all my media files.
  3. However…since an auto firmware update a few days ago (which I knew was coming); the ‘play’ option does not exist anymore. All I can do with media is DL the video and then watch it.
  4. Am I missing something…like an option in setup; or is this the way the way the new remote option functions now? Many thanks for any advice on this.

Audio ‘play’ still work, certainly (you just double-click the file). I’ve never tried video as I don’t have the uplink b/w.

Have you upgraded the app too?