My Cloud - Via App or Windows video files never play!

Hello All,

I have My Cloud device for some time ago, the picture part is quite OK, but the video is not working at all, I never get a good answer from technical support, and I really would like to know if there is a problem with this device (problem, configuration missing, etc). I really appreciate a helpful attitude from you!

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What type of videos are you trying to play? What apps or devices do you have to play them?

Have you looked at the User Manual? See Ch. 11 for the Version 4.x My Cloud.

Any video I create from my ipad/mobile basically…

Some examples: .avi .mpeg .mov

First, understand what the My CLoud is. It is first and formost a network attached storage device (NAS). It also includes a Twonky media server and an iTunes (audio version only) media server. The My Cloud User Manual explains the supported media server file formats. The WD apps do not apparently use the My Cloud media servers rather the My Cloud mobile apps are more of a file manager than a media player.

Some have had problems (do a subforum search) using the WD My Cloud app on their mobile device to play media.

I use Android mobile devices and when selecting a video file in the WD My Cloud Android App it opens up a screen, because I don’t have a default media player configured for the WD app, asking me to select a specific app too play the video file. In other words the WD app just passes off the video file to another app on the Android mobile device. I do know that on iOS mobile devise the audio media should play within the WD mobile app via a player included within the WD mobile app. Don’t recall if video files do the same under the iOS WD mobile app.

I have yet to have major problems playing video files on my Windows PC’s using VLC when double clicking on a media file using Windows File Explorer. When I do have the rare problem playing media files its because either the media file is corrupted or it is because the media player on the pc doesn’t support the media file format.

Again: what are you trying to play them on?
How are you accessing the files? File server or media server?