OS3 My Cloud WD Remote Access No Longer Available After April 15, 2022

Ah yes… I meant EX2 :slight_smile:

I received this from WD support (I don’t think they would mind me posting this here as it impacts many users):

My question: After the change in April, will the MyCloudOS3 app for iPhone & iPad still allow me to connect ON MY LOCAL NETWORK to my WdMycloud (that is also on the same LOCAL NETWORK).

Answer: Please allow me to inform you that you would be able to access the device locally and not on the remote network both on the computer as well as you can access the mobile app on the iPhone or iPad.

Maybe there is some good news there, but we will see what actually happens in April.

If the OS3 My Cloud app for iOS or Android stops working for local network access come next April when WD terminates OS3 support one can always fall back to using other file manager apps from the mobile device’s app store. One may loose some ease of access features like automatic mobile device photo backup. Personally I don’t use WD’s mobile apps for local network access anyway, I use other non WD file manager apps on Android that allow for local network access to the local network My Cloud.

So I personally like the VPN option,

HOWEVER, on my ASUS routers, if I block WAN access to a NAS, it blocks not only access from the internet, but also access from different subnets WITHIN the same network. Which neuters the VPN, since the VPN devices are assigned in a different subnet than the main network addresses.

I have not quite figured out a way around this limitation just yet.