OS3 My Cloud WD Remote Access No Longer Available After April 15, 2022

Regarding remote access…

“Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services”

Probably a stupid question, but does this mean that if you don’t have auto-update enabled and don’t receive this final firmware update, then remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services won’t be disabled?

That would be a safe assumption. If one has auto update disabled (many of us do) then one would have to manually download the firmware update, assuming WD makes this file available for download, and manually install said file.

One can always manually disable (ie turn off) remote access in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. One can go the extra step to disable/block internet access to the My Cloud within their network router (if their router supports such an option) that the My Cloud is connected too.

Is there any information anywhere on the implications for the DropBox sync app?

WD seems to imply this affects just remote access with the MyCloud.com and My Cloud mobile apps. And WD indicates it may also affect local access using the My Cloud mobile apps. Until WD clarifies things one can assume that DropBox and other 3rd party apps that do not rely on WD for access to or from the My Cloud potentially may not be affected by the end of OS3. This assumes WD doesn’t cripple the My Cloud through a final firmware update that blocks internet access to the unit by third party apps. Further one can also assume that with the end of OS3 support any updates provided by WD that deal with 3rd party apps likewise will end. One would have to check with the 3rd party app vender to see if they are providing any further updates for OS3 units or if the end of OS3 support adversely affects their app.

The following WD link has a bit more general information about the end of OS3 support.

Support for your My Cloud and WD Cloud device is changing

Since WD doesn’t provide support for OS3 apps one should contact the OS3 app vender to inquire about support and any updates they may be able to provide.

Dropbox Support Site

Is there an alternative app for remote access for first gen passport wireless and my cloud?

Yes there are alternate methods of remote access that do not involve WD when it comes to the My Cloud OS3 devices. These options range from enabling insecure FTP in the My Cloud Dashboard to setting up VPN server on one’s local network.

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I would really think very carefully about installing a “final” OS/3 firmware update.


My Cloud single bay 6GB is not even a year old. You continue to sell your devices and now I must trash them. What the fudge

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The only feature apparently that WD is terminated is remote access using the MyCloud.com web portal and the WD My Cloud mobile apps, local network access to the My Cloud will (at least according to WD) remain unaffected. One can setup alternate methods of remote access from the insecure FTP, enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings, to using VPN or similar methods of secure access to a remote network. If the WD Mobile app no longer will access a local network My Cloud then one can use any number of third party file manager apps for their mobile device to regain local network access to their My Cloud.

Note: The My Cloud Home is a completely different device and is not affected (currently) by WD’s decision to end OS3 support.

Bye WD, forever. It was the last product from this brand.
In last instance, WD could say it would not be responsible for the security of there older products, but pulling the plug? Not acceptable.
Going to Synology or Qnap.


WD has already indicated when products stop receiving security patch updates (such as they were). See this link. Some products haven’t received firmware security updates for several years now.

What WD is pulling the plug on is the OS3 remote access using their services (OS3 MyCloud.com and the OS3 mobile apps). Local network access to one’s My Cloud should not be affected. One has the option of setting up their own methods of remote access (FTP, VPN, etc) to regain some or most of the remote access capability that WD is terminating.

And that is what more than a few of us have done over the years. While typically more expensive one usually gains better hardware and a more mature firmware environment that continues to be supported (at least in Synology’s case) by the manufacturer.

Thanks @Bennor and team, you are keeping keeping this thread active and providing a lot of information.

Even, I’m surprised with the emails from WD about my cloud. I own the first generation 3tb WDmyCloud with 4.x firmware. It is completely useless if I cannot access it remotely.

Using it just like a NAS is useless option. Even routers are providing options to connect 1TB usb and stream media from there.

@WD_Admin please provide some option to access these devices remotely. Else it is loss of money for thousands of people like us.

But you can access a first gen v4.x My Cloud remotely without using WD’s methods (MyCloud.com, My Cloud OS3 mobile apps). You will have to setup your own method of remote access. You can use the insecure FTP option that can be enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Or better yet, you can setup your own VPN server on the same network as the My Cloud and create a VPN tunnel to the remote network containing the My Cloud.

Many routers that support connecting an external USB hard drive for media streaming or FTP/SFTP access also support, or have the option for, enabling a VPN server. A properly setup VPN server will allow remote VPN clients to access the local network just as if they were on that local network.

Point is there are options available for remote access once WD terminates OS3 support. It is just those options require some work (and knowledge) by the end user. Its not optimal but one does still have remote access options when WD terminates OS3 MyCloud.com and the OS3 My Cloud mobile apps.

Any losses WD see’s in NAS sales will likely be made up at the other end by people buying WD drives to put in those Synology boxes.

Support for your My Cloud and WD Cloud device is changing

Customers with My Cloud OS 5-compatible devices

On January 15, 2022 , devices that are compatible with My Cloud OS 5 will no longer support prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3. If your device is compatible, upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 now to continue to access it remotely.

My Cloud OS 5 contains critical security updates, and support for it is guaranteed through 2026. If you don’t upgrade your device, you’ll only be able to access it locally. After January 15, 2022 , remote access, security updates, and technical support will no longer be provided.

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A little harsh, no?

Some predicted the end of OS/3 support long ago. . . .it’s obvious that WD was not going to maintain two separate server networks indefinitely.

Honestly, being a tin foil hat type. . . I would avoid this “final” update of OS/3.

BUT. . they are not incorrect with the idea of getting these devices off the internet.

I concur that it is hard to find WD mentioned on the net as a viable NAS player anymore. Shame really.

And the entire SMR debacle has left me cold. That stupid technology has even found it’s way into all (not just WD) 2.5 external drives. Forced me to lower capacity, higher cost (albeit convenient) SSD drives.

Local network access to one’s My Cloud should not be affected .
And WD indicates it may also affect local access using the My Cloud mobile apps
Per the previously posted WD link your OS3 My Cloud will continue to operate on the local network

I wonder about this… do we know for sure? I sent WD a support question to ask specifically this.

I use the iPhone MyCloudOS3 app almost daily to transfer files (usually mp3 and photos) between my iPhone and my MyCloud on my local network. It’s the simplest way I’ve found to transfer files between the iPhone world and my Windows desktop. If the MyCloudOS3 app just stops working (even on my local network) I will be very unhappy. This is what I’m uncertain about:

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: Once the services have been shut down, you will still be able to access the device on a local network. However, access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app will not be possible.

One can use a file manager app (that supports SMB/AFP or maybe even NFS) on their mobile device to copy files to/from the local network My Cloud. Personally for local network access I don’t use WD My Cloud mobile app, I use a file manager app on my Android devices.

WD seems to have clarified things since my earlier Oct 16th post about the mobile apps. WD appears to indicate (per the WD text you quoted) that the local network access feature of the WD My Cloud mobile apps may also be affected or impacted. As another person indicated any time a mobile app goes through the manufacturer’s servers then to one’s NAS there will always be a bottle neck where support or access could be cut off by the manufacturer, either accidentally like what happened with WD and the remote access being off line for several weeks in the past, or intentinal with WD terminating OS3 support.

Well, I have a MyCloud 2 and I’m pretty pissed about this whole affair. Remote access is a large part of why I bought the product, so discontinuing the service makes the device useless for me. I hear all of the voices declaring that OS3 is obsolete but to be blunt, as a consumer who has paid for the product, that shouldn’t be my problem.

When I made the decision to buy the product, WD didn’t warn me that the online service might be discontinued in the future. Remote access was advertised as an integral feature of the product, not a ‘nice to have’ item that might not continue. There is no technical reason why WD can’t maintain the service - they are simply terminating it because they no longer want the expense of keeping it on. If that puts them in an un-viable position financially, that’s because they have lacked the foresight. I suspect however that they always intended to discontinue the service at some point, which makes it even more disingenuous of them to now be hiding behind the excuse of ‘inevitable obsolescence’.

Frankly, they could offer me a 75% discount on a new product but I wouldn’t take it as I no longer trust them. As planned obsolescence is clearly an integral part of their business strategy, they should be compelled to make this unambiguously clear to all potential purchasers BEFORE they buy.

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My Cloud 2? There isn’t a “My Cloud 2”. What specific My Cloud model do you have? And what firmware is it currently running?

The current My Cloud devices (not My Cloud Home devices as those are different and do not support OS3 anyway) that cannot be updated to OS5 (v5.x firmware).

My Cloud (fw 04.xx.xx-xxx) P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx- 00
My Cloud Mirror P/N: WDBZVM*
My Cloud EX2 P/N: WDBVKW*
My Cloud EX4 P/N: WDBWWD*

More information about which My Cloud devices support OS5 and how to update that device to OS5 can be found at the following WD Knowledgebase Article link:

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices