Offline (even when at home)

If anyone can help:

I have the WD cloud drive and downloaded the app on my iPad so I can watch movies when away… however, it doesn’t even work when I am home. It says that I am offline!! … I checked the WD and light is blue… I’ve checked the dashboard online and I have the remote access on … the Firmware is up to date. I can access it on my Mac (sometimes), other times it gives me errors and I have to restart my laptop. For a cloud drive, I have more difficulty accessing it than other cloud drives.

Can anyone help and let me know what I am doing wrong or tell me what I am missing? Or why it’s always offline?

What router are you using at home?
Is your router, My Cloud, iPad and Mac using the routers default gateway as the DNS server or your ISP?

What does it say regarding connection status? It should say ‘Port forwarding connection established’ or ‘Relay mode connection established’. If it says something like ‘no remote connection established’, you need to find out why.

Hi …

I don’t have the option of port forwarding and now my Mac Finder cannot locate the WD server. This has become increasingly annoying since the firmware update…

I need to access my files…and yet …can’t!

What can i do?

Look at the ‘General’ tab; that’s where the remote access status is configured and reported; the ‘Cloud Access’ control.

The User Manual explains how to set up remote access.

I already have the remote access on…

For problems with remote access. What does the Connection Status under Remote Access indicate? If connected how is it connected?

For local network access if you are having trouble reaching the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder (the normal methods of access via the local network) then try using the My Cloud IP address (example: \\ in Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder.

Setting up port forwarding is typically only needed for remote access to pass broadband (internet) traffic through your local network router’s firewall so it can reach the My Cloud. Generally one doesn’t need to setup port forwarding for local network access to the My Cloud from other devices on the local network.

If you have a windows PC You can use the following command from a cmd window to see what IP addresses are being used on your
PC. Then do an apr -a to get the ip/mac addresses. See if your MC is changing IP addresses.

FOR /L %i in (200,1,254) DO PING 192.168.1.%i -n 1 -w 100 | for /f "tokens=3 delims=: " %j in (‘find /i “TTL=”’) do echo %j>>IPsOnline.txt

The 200 is the starting address. You can change it to 1 or any other value. I used 200 because this is the start of dynamic ip addresses.