Remote access only on relay mode

Hi to everyone

After the last firmware update, i lost remote access through WD ios app. Ihave upnp enable and my status is connected:Port forwarding connection established. But when i try to access via my iphone it says that device is offline and only local dosuments are available. 

When i switch off remote access via dashboard and then turned on again, there are 1-2 minutes before Port forwarding connection established  that the connection is on relay mode. At these minutes i have remote access. When Port forwarding connection established comes again i have no remote access. 

Please help.

Hi kon78, welcome to the WD Community. See if the following guide helps.

Unfortunately no solution. 

I still cannot connect. And everything is ok on the dashboard. 

I had a similar experience after updating the firmware a couple of versions ago and I had moved the MyCloud from a cascaded router back to the main router. The issue I had was the dhcp reserved for the MyClound wasn’t getting released once I moved the MyCloud. Thus, the required ports were in use even though nothing was there. I finally figured this out and went to my router and removed the device and started over. Once I did that, I got my direct connection back.