No Volume showing

I have a brand new EX2 Ultra diskless which I bought to house the 4TB disk from my old Segate Central which had stopped working. Unfortunately it seems it was the disk at fault and not the pcb in the Central. I have a solid red led on startup.
I also had an old 400GB hdd kicking about so I tried that but also saw solid red, it passes the disk test utility but does not show up as a volume, what might I be doing wrong and how can I be certain this and my old 4TB unit are completely bricked? (it does spin when powered btw)

Hello, it might be because the drives that you are using are not compatible with the EX2 ultra, take a look at the link below to view a list for the drives supported.

Don’t expect one NAS to natively read another NAS’s drives. You’ll need to create new volumes.

Ah, I see, the list of compatible drives are all WD, mine are both Seagate. That’s a shame.