Solid RED disc light upon activation of my EX2 Ultra

Hi all,
Meryy Xmas. Not sure if the solution is obvious or not. I bought a new diskless WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra and inserted a brand new 4TB RED HDD. Inserted the disc normally, connected it to the switch, plugged it in and was waiting for the device to boot. Both power LED and DISK 1 led were blinking blue, and upon conclussion 1st DISK led went solid red (power is blue). I don’t know if this really a disk malfunction (and is ruining my Xmas) OR i should move on to another step that i should take into consideration. I’m really blocked right now. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

Check out the EX2 forum. I think you need to follow one of the unbrick procedures. Putting a new disk into your device without an OS installed most likely is causing your problem. The OS is not stored in rom on the EX2.

I don’t have words to thank you, cause you guided me to the right spot to look. All i needed to do was to configure the drive. Being a newbie is so tough. Million thanks my friend. Merry Xmas.