EX2Ultra disks solid red lights and no comms

Bought a WD EX2 Ultra in October and set up in RAID 1 format intending to provide my self with redundancy and offline of the laptop.
Copied across the historic files and then life got in the way and didnt finish the job to switch to my live data.
Paid little attention to it until a few days ago and when I went to finish the job found no connectivity and dashboad would only tell me it was off line.
Look at the front and I have a blue solid power and both disks solid red.
Tried the simple power off leave and then on, with no luck. Dont want to lose the data on teh disk if I can help it, but any ideas?

Hope someone can help.
Just some further info though not sure it helps.

After trying a power of on cycle, the front lights start Blue flashing with blue solid on disks. Then after about 5 mins, the flashing blue turns solid blue and the disk lights go red.

The disk lights will turn red when they are over 95% full. However, you should still be able to access the content. Do a 5 second reset and if that doesn’t work do a 40 second reset.