No My Cloud 3 TB Found during Set Up

I have a properly connected the provided Ethernet and power cord and the LED light is a steady blue, but No My Cloud is found when the system scans my network?

All FAQ’s within the Knowledge base assume that your system will be able to scan and find the My Cloud device, but this is the 2nd 3TD drive that I have purchased and I am not sure how to get connected.

Every time I scan or re-scan the network, it states “No WD My Cloud Found”.

Any suggestions since support is closed? 

I am not sure if it makes a difference since it is not recognizing WD on my network, but this is a Windows 7 PC/laptop versus a Mac system.

I am not sure why the network would not find the My Cloud when it was directly connected via the Ethernet cable, but I activated my wireless option on my laptop and the system was finally found.  Once it was found, I believe I have now completed the set up, but curious if this work around will be an issue when I try to upload via a wired connection versus a wireless connection?

there may be an issue with the configuration of the wired port. in a command prompt enter ipconfig /all

look at the results and if you don’t find an issue post the results here

once this issue is resolved it won’t make any difference if it was configured with a wireless or wired connection