My Cloud 3TB is not found on my network

Hi, may I ask help for setting up my new MY CLOUD 3TB?

During the set up, the software cannot identify my WD MY Cloud.
The error message is No WD My Cloud Found.

Eventhough I have already connected the My Cloud to my Wifi router and the LED is solid steady Blue.

I have rescanned the network several times, but it failed.
I keep getting the same error message.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you very much.


You do not need the WD software to find your new My Cloud. Go to your router and find the IP that the router has assigned your My Cloud. Open a browser and type in the IP and the My Cloud Dashboard should be available.

If you have an android phone, then use “Fing” when connected to the network.
I always use it to find new devices in my network.

Hi SectorGZ,
Thanks for your input.
I tried it but I am still confused on how to get the My Cloud Dashboard?
I have already typed in the IP address in the browser.
But I do not know how to get the My Cloud Dasboard.
In the menu of the IP address which I typed, there are WLAN setting, LAN settings, Broadband settings, DHCP server, Remote management, Authentication, and IPV6.
But there is no My Cloud Dashboard.

Can you elaborate on how to get it?
Thanks a lot.

I think you logged in at your router?
Under DHCP Server, is there a option for DHCP clients?

Usually most routers IP’s are, check your router manual. When you are in your router there should be a setting, or Tab, which shows you router’s DHCP table. Look for your My Cloud’s IP. Log out of your router and open a browser tab and type in the IP for your My Cloud. That will take you to the Dashboard of your My Cloud.