Mycloud cannot be found

Hello, Maybe this item already exists, so somebody can “send” me to the right answer. I just bought a WD Mycloud 4TB and tried to connect it to my network. I did everything what I had to do according to the manual, but it is not found! I have a MacBookPro. I tried everything what is mentioned in the FAQ, but no result. Can somebody help me or shall I send mycloud back to the retailer? Arend

What is the LED showing?
What are the Ethernet port LEDs showing?
What operating system are you running on the MacBook (be precise, please)?
What router are you using?
Does your router control interface show the MyCloud as a connected device? Has it allocated an IP address to it?
Can you access the Dashboard using the IP address allocated to it by your router?

When you say ‘the manual’, I’m assuming you’ve downloaded the user manual from the WD website? Note that there are two versions, depending on which device you’ve got. If it’s a recent purchase (and it came in a box that wasn’t an almost perfect cube), then it is likely to be a Gen2 model, and you’ll need 4779-705147.pdf.

Once you have managed to access your device on your network, you can do all the setup via the Dashboard. See ‘Getting Started Using the Dashboard’ in the User Manual.

Hello, thanks for your respons. I am at my work now and as soon I am home I will try to answer the questions. Greetings, Arend

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