Help! MacOS WD My Cloud Setup app does not see new My Cloud device

I am trying to set up a brand new MyCloud 3TB device using a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.9.5. The 3TB device is connected to my home wifi ADSL router (provided by local carrier), powered up, blue LED steady, LAN LEDs steady green at both ends of the MyCloud-Router LAN cable. I connected to the MyCloud device in Finder as Guest. But when I run the WD My Cloud Setup app, just downloaded, the network scan does not find the WD My Cloud device and gives me an error message suggesting I check the power and LAN connections are OK. Showstopper. After hunting through other similar threads I checked my Network Preferences and see that my MacBook is using DCHP. IPV4 addresses are shown in Network Preferences, IPV6 addresses are not.
Many thanks to anyone who can help me out.

Hello again everyone - while waiting in hope for some help, this evening I re-dowloaded the set up app and ran it again, but got the same negative response. Also I checked to router configuration panel through my browser, and there I can see the WD My Cloud device connected to my router on a LAN port - looks as I would expect. Does anyone out there have any hint or advice for what I could try next ?

Thanks again for any help - would really appreciate it!

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

If you are trying to set up the device, you can do it without any WD tools/apps. Just login into the dashboard via an internet browser. Check manual for more info.

And if you want to access the shares: Can't access private folders in Finder on Mac OS X Yosemite

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Thank you @Trancer - if Shabuboy’s suggestion doesn’t allow me to get going then I’ll contact WD Support as you suggest.

Hi - thank you for the two hints @Shabuboy - will try this approach this evening.

Thank you again @Shabuboy. Nailed it by following your advice :sweat_smile: Phew… was getting a little concerned there. IMHO this alternative approach could have been mentioned more clearly in WD’s set up procedure - maybe as an additional suggestion in the Set Up app error message… Just my tuppeny bit…

You welcome!

If you learn how to use the build-in tools within the OS for your PC, you will never depend on proprietary software, which is what I recommend 100%. Migrating to a different NAS, whether it is a WD, or any other brand, or even a DIY, will be a breeze.

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Good advice in many cases for sure.

I’ve looked around to see how/where to mark my original question as solved, but cannot find the option… Is there a flag to set ? Some other way to mark as solved ?

Below each message is a set of icons. The leftmost of these is a green tick. Click it to flag the post as the solution

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Aha! Thank you Captain - done.