Can't access MyCloud dashboard on new Wifi network

Hi there

This may have been asked before, but I can’t find an answer. We recently changed ISPs and I can’t locate our MyCloud device on the new wifi network. Our devices are still syncing to the cloud, but I’m stumped as to why I can’t see the device itself.

So, for example, if I go to I am able to log in and view the contents of the drive. Everything is bang up-to-date. But if I go to wdmycloud.local (on Mac OS), the site can’t be reached.

I have tried to go through the setup process again (via but I keep getting the “My Cloud device not found” message.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Check the router’s administration page to ensure WiFi isolation (or something similar) is not enabled. While on the router’s administration page see if the router is assigning the My Cloud an IP address. If so use that IP address to access the My Cloud Dashboard via a web browser.

Thanks. There doesn’t seem to be any Wifi isolation enabled and on the router admin page, I can see the MAC address of the router, but can’t find an assigned IP address. I had being trying to find that out before posting this question. I can find IP addresses of devices connected to Wifi, but not for the MyCloud connected to the ethernet port. The only IP given is that of the router itself.

Because you changed ISP’s I assume that means you have a new router. If you previously configured the My Cloud for a static IP address within the My Cloud Dashboard and that IP address is not in the same range as the current router’s IP address that may cause problems. One may need to either perform a 40 second reset (via the reset button on the back of the My Cloud) or access the My Cloud using the old IP address and reconfigure.

Does the router show the IP address of any other wired devices (if you have other wired network devices)?