No Internet access In China

"No Internet access" in mycloud This month.Maybe 。as suggestion,I cannot ping to successfully.Maybe GWF. This is the first time I can not access my files by mobile.Is there anything I can do to solve the problem?THX ,Or I just use it as a local Network Harddriver..

What specific My Cloud device do you have?
What firmware is it running?
What mobile device (Android, Apple iOS, other) are you using?
Can you access other websites with the mobile device?
If using a My Cloud device, does the My Cloud Dashboard indicate the unit has internet access?

If China is blocking your internet access there is nothing anyone here can do. You will likely have to find ways to bypass such a block (which may violate Chinese government rules or regulations) using VPN or the like.

Sounds like a MyCloud Home. - - - don’t those devices require online access for login?

although - - - remind me - - - does OS/5 require an Initial login to WD? (after that internet access not required?)

No. OS5 My Cloud setup does not require internet access for initial setup. See the following setup directions from WD Support, note where it indicates (step 5) one can “Skip Cloud Access” during the setup process:
Steps to Setup and Use a My Cloud OS 5 in the Dashboard
One can further skip the automatic firmware update, and product registration during initial setup.

Doesn’t really matter…wdckeystone server is blocked everywhere there.

If you have access to Synology SSL VPN, this is a tip from Reddit

set up the Synology SSL VPN and use that. It uses port 443 and China normally doesn’t block that. They always block the standard ports for OpenVPN and L2TP. I keep all 4 of those VPNs set up. One of them has always worked.