No Boot - White Led Steady

Good evening,

I had simultaneously to change my router and an automatic upgrade of the WD my Cloud 2 TB. Due to the simultaneous installation, I guess the upgrade did go well. And today WD MY Cloud starts - I can hear the disk starting - but it stays with a steady white led in front and on the ethernet plug on the back, there is only the upper led which is blinked in green.

I guess that the WD is blocked in the middle of the upgrade and it cannot get some network access.

Based on the product documentation and on many posts, I tried the reset mode (pressing during 4 second on the reset button), the reinit mode (40 second), connection on the router and direct connection to the PC (Windows 7 - 64 bits) without success.

Does anyone know how I can reconnect it to the network?

Thanks a lot 

Leave it plugged in for atleast 24 hours. If it doesnt get blue led then youll probably have to RMA the drive with WD.

i had the same issue last month. i ended up getting it replaced.

Does anyone know how I can reconnect it to the network?

I suggest:

  1. disconnecting the ethernet cable from My Cloud
  2. wait for the light to blink yellow
  3. power off My cloud by disconnecting the power plug
  4. wait for ~ 1 minute
  5. reconnect the ethernet cable
  6. finally reconnect the power