Power off after reset?


I have a My Cloud that had been working perfectly for 2 years. So well I managed to forget the password!

So I read the manual and did a reset. The reset seemed to work OK, flash of white light then solid white light forr circa 60 - 90 seconds, followed by one flash - but then the front LED goes out and stays out.

Power off and back on again, same sequence - solid white, one flash, off.

Tried the 40 second reset on power up, but that does nothing.

Any clues from anyone?

No, the drive is not visible on the network so probably not the blue LED failed. The drives appear to be spinning, but so much other stuff around difficult to know. Have left for over 20 mins and nothing.

When resetting the WD My Cloud, generally the device will rescan the internal files to rebuild the media databases. If there are a lot of files this scan can take a very long time (due to the low powered processor used by the WD My Cloud). SOme have reported it taking upwards of a day or more for the WD My Cloud to scan their media files. While this scan is occurring the WD My Cloud tends to be extremely sluggish when performing other actions.

Thanks for the response, but it is two weeks and there are still no lights on the front. The drive is humming and the network lights flash.

Tried full reset again but no joy.

Any more ideas please?

Hi Graham,
what happened finally to your device? has the LED turn to blue?
mine has the same problem. I have not reset it yet and I have been just waiting to see if comes back itself to blue.
please share your experience with me

Hi Amir,
Sorry no gave up on the problem and brought a new one which works fine.

Graham Penson