Wd 2tb Cloud Drive solid white light won't turn blue

I have not even had this product 6 months i woke up today went into my office to find my cloud drive has a solid white light and does not respond at all now.

Everything else is working fine and i have tested a friends cloud drive with the same network connection with no problems at all.

I only bought this as a backup documents but now i need to retrieve some work and now something has happened and i have no access to this drive at all.

Im not overly the savvy so would really appreciate some help if anyone can

Did you have a USB drive attached? And were you running Safepoints?


Hi Paul no I didnt have a USB drive attached at all.

Safe points, have not set them up before. I just used it as plug and play I just connected it to my Router via ethernet powered it up and installed the software.

Is been working perfectly fine over the past few weeks just coming today and solid white light.

Since taken out the box it’s been in exactly the same place on my desk never been moved now and have been near it and now it just doesn’t seem to respond to anything at all. I’ve tried a hard reset so old in the reset button for 40 seconds and a few other things I’ve seen online and just nothing seems to work it’s come on for a bit today then it’s gone off again and it’s been off for the past three hours

Hi there Simon :slight_smile:

By 40s reset you mean holding the reset button while the device is off then turning the device on while still holding the reset button for 40s?

Yes sorry that’s when the white light turn blue for a little bit and then it’s been a solid white colour since then

if its solid white without blinking it means the OS is initialising you said you had it for 6 months so I guess there are some files already… I would do the reset again last time and leave the disk over night to sit and do its thing… if its not sorted out by morning I guess you have only two options:

  1. Send it back for RMA
  2. Take it apart, connect the HDD to computer and rewrite rootfs partitions (this voids warranty… also you need linux OS running on computer or LIVE CD linux USB/CD and SATA to USB cable or stationary computer where you can just plug it in instead of your main drive) - also this doesnt delete your data just resets the system

This is why I asked if he had an external USB drive with a Safepoint on it. One big advantage of have a running Safepoint is that you can remove the external drive from the MyCloud and plug it in to your Windows computer and all your data is there, safe and available.

Well for example I have only 400Gb free on my 4tb MyCloud and I dont feel like buying another 4TB external hdd just so i can have my data backed up and then buying another two 4tb disks as an extension and backup for the extension… seem like complete waste of money and destroying the purpose of NAS…

How long after you first saw the white LED did you wait to see if it would turn blue?


normally when the drive powers up it takes about 2-3 minutes to turn blue.

I’m really not that technically minded to take the second one on there.

Sorry to sound stupid but whats RMA.

Its been intermittent today its been blue again for a short period then flashing white now back to solid white

its not really that hard if you have stationary computer (not mac or laptop)… RMA is sending it back to western digital so they can fix it for you under warranty… I guess you are not able to access web dashboard right?

Cant login to the dashboard at all.

the drive can be seen by my mac as it still shows up in finder in my mac in the sidebar under shared.

but it cannot be accessed right? If I was in your place I would leave it over the night and get back to it tomorrow… if it doesnt work tomorrow you might need to send it back to Western Digital so they can take a look at it…

I will do that I’m just going to let it do its thing and with any luck it will resolve itself. Thanks for the help so far guys :+1:

no problem :slight_smile: if you will need anything get back to us :wink:

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Use link below for more info on RMA, Return Material Authorization. .

Tonight I did my weekly shutdown and restart of my My Cloud. After plugging the power back in it took five minutes for the front LED to turn blue.