Newbie with my cloud mirror

Hi guys, i have a couple questions about my cloud, if anyone knows the answer :

  1. First of all, at the moment, i don’t have internet connection just home network, so i suppose that auto synchronizing with my cloud and my android phone it’s not an option? I think it requires internet connection, even though i’m not sure why. If I am on the sam network it should pick my photos from phone and transfer it to cloud.

I have installed Wd photo android app, but when i try to connect to cloud it says an error with connection. Don’t know why :frowning:

  1. So, instead of this, i was trying to set up auto backup, when i connect my phone to cloud. This works, but the problem is that all of transfered photos gets duplicated? Any idea why?

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  1. The configuration needs internet access in order to validate the mobile device within WD’s servers for security purposes.

  2. How are the files being transferred? What is the exact process being followed?

Ok I fixed this duplicating error. But, i have another question. Why MCM doesn’t recognise samsung s4 as some kind of usb drive, to easilly trasnfer photos and videos for instance?

Your phone won’t be recognized using the USB port unless your phone supports mass-storage mode instead of MTP connections.