Seriously Confused - Need Help

Hello friends

I just received my My Cloud 6 TB. After about 2 hours of everything I have been able to upgrade the Firmware, Install latest My Cloud on my Desktop and My Cloud app on my android Phone. I am able to connect My Cloud from the computer and mob when connected within same Wifi and through the Internet when I connect the Mobile through 3G network and not Wifi. So I guess accessibility exists.

Now the problem - I have gone through the manual page by page but I am not able to figure couple of things (as of now though I am sure a million more questions will come in my mind eventually).

  1. I have some data on my phone (Music, video and Pictures) which I would like to backup to My Cloud automatically with same folders created in My Cloud. I am not able to do it.
  2. Also, I want to configure that these folders get automatically backed up when I change them (add or delete any file).
  3. I want a similar action for files on my desktop too.

How do I configure these actions so that My Cloud looks exactly the same in terms of folders as my ext hdd where I have backed up my data.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


You need a file sync tool.

On the desktop, you can use the WD Sync app, or any third party sync tool, such as FreeFileSync.

On the Android phone, there are sync apps available. I don’t use one, so I can’t recommend one.

Thanks for the reply. I tried smartware but found it not so user friendly. Is it that for any other tool I will have to map cloud drive to the computer as one of the drive letters like say Z: ? Still looking for an android software for backing up.

Smartware is a backup tool. You said you wanted something to mirror all file changes; that’s a sync tool.

I use FreeFileSync; it can do backup AND sync, and can be configured to do fine-grained selection of which folders to backup/sync, and where.

If you are working local to your network, mapping the drive is by far the best way of working; you can then use it for all programs, just like any other disk drive. You don’t need any WD software to use the drive on your local network.

Thanks for the help. I tried FreeFileSync after mapping the MyCloud drive as Z: drive. It worked fine except for 2 issues.

  1. If I select a folder for sync, it does not create the folder in the destination. which means I have to manually create it and give it as the path. Right?
  2. How do I keep the application running in the background so that it sync automatically?


If you haven’t reviewed the Free File Sync Manual, you may want to take a few minutes to read through it. In particular the section on running Free File Sync as a service: