Android phone isnt sending pictures to My Cloud - Do I need to reinstall Drop Box

I’m sure it’s gonna be something obvious to techie folk but I’m not one .So how do I get my android phone to send to my Cloud. I had until last week Drop Box then hubby decided we needed something better only neither he nor me can get it to work. Is it just not similar enough to what we’re used to or can we fix it with a bit of help or should we just get rid… Please help and thanks in advance.

You need to use one of the WD apps for Android, either WD My Cloud app for Android or the WD Photo app for Android.

I’ve downloaded the My Cloud app and the WD Photo’s app plus the PhotoSync app from Google…still nothing. I must have missed a step somewhere but alot of the terminology goes over my head…

One or both apps should have asked if you wanted to backup your mobile device’s pictures to the My Cloud when they were installed to the mobile device.

You can manually enable or disable photo backup through the settings menu for both apps.

Edit to add - General directions: For the WD My Cloud app, go to Settings. Go to Auto sync and make the setting choice you desire. Then go to Back up options and choose Camera back up, then choose Use data plan if needed, then choose the Storage drive, then choose the Location on the My Cloud selected under Storage drive where the files will be saved/backed up.

For WD Photo go to Settings. Then select Auto Upload. Then select the My Cloud device. A new window should popup were you can enable Auto Upload, then you can select the folder the photos will be uploaded too. Then click Done when finished on that screen. You can check the Photos Only option under settings to upload only photos. You can choose Wi-Fi Only to upload photos/videos only when connected via WiFi.

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Bennor thank you, we seem to have success. Reading your help message was still a bit gobbledegook to me but this morning I got my daughter to look at it and she went through your instructions and had it working in seconds. So again thank you as without it would have ended in the skip…x