Uploading image from Android mobile device to WD My Cloud

Sorry if this question has already been hammered to death, but I have not been able to find a step-by-step answer to what I assumed would be a simple question:

I have an Android phone (Galaxy S4), and I’m trying to upload an image from my phone’s “Gallery”. to my WD My Cloud. It seems like the “Share” icon is the one to tap. This brings up a box from which I select “My Cloud”. I then see a “MY Cloud” folder named “Downloads Shares”. It shows several files but not the one I tried to upload. If I go to my computer (Win XP) and connect to the My Cloud, I don’t see any folder named “Download”

I find it hard to believe that there is not a simple, straight-forward way to to upload an image from my phone to The My Cloud. Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

Get a decent file manager.

Connect to your MyCloud as a file server (locally).

Use the file manager to copy the file from the location on your phone to your selected location on the MyCloud.

Or install the MyCloud mobile app, and setup the auto-backup location.

I suspect that is an area on your phone, not your MyCloud.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and have everything set up in Settings to upload my Photos and Videos. Have you checked Settings on your phone?

See this prior discussion and my post.

Problem solved – this is what worked for me:

On the phone, start the “MY Cloud” app =>open the folder in “My Cloud” where you want the images to go =>tap the menu buttons in the top righthand corner =>tap “Upload” – this will take you to the phone’s Gallery folder with blank check boxes in in each image =>tap the photos you want to copy or tap the icon of a checkbox with a check mark in it to select all =>after you have selected the images you want, tap the upload icon in the upper right hand corner to complete the uploads


That works, but it’s still ugly and tedious, because if the item you want to save is something like an attachment in an incoming email, you can’t just share it directly from the email. You’ve got to save that attachment “somewhere” then use a different app to try to coerce it onto the My Cloud box.

The android app sadly has a lot of bugs :confused: . Tha’s indeed the only way I could upload files