How do we share documents from Android to MyCloud easily


I am new to the WD My Cloud community. I recently purchased the My Cloud to have access to my files and upload files when I am away from the office. The access part I am so far happy with. The part that I am uncomfortable with is the remote upload part. I would like to see the share function on android to work similarly to what I am use to with other full service cloud systems like one drive and dropbox.

You know when you open an attachment from your Android Device like a PDF for example, you can then share the document that is opened to a cloud drive of your choice ie.(Dropbox,OneDrive). When I try to share the same document using the share to MY Cloud, it opens up the My Cloud app to the download section with no other options other than selecting the three bar menu icon near the top left screen. This allow me to open the My Cloud Menu. So I open up the My Cloud menu to see if I can assign where to upload the file that I am sharing/uploading. Once I find the directory that I want to share/upload my file to I get nothing showing me the ability to upload. So I click on the three buttons in the upper right corner of the app.

I see
New Folder
Select Item

I select upload thinking that it will upload the file that I am attempting to share/upload and it gives me three options

Gallery (Photo & Video)
Music files
SD Card (All files)

Any of these options will open my android device file system to select a completely different file other than the one that I am attempting to share/upload.

Sure I can download docs to my android device and then manually add them to the file location via the WD Cloud app but that is very time consuming and process cumbersome.

Why doesn’t WD allow users to easily share open items on the android device to a location on MY Cloud? If there is an easy way to share files in this manner that I haven’t figured out, please let me know. If this function doesn’t exist can someone at WD create or modify the code to allow this function to work properly?

Thanks in advance,


You should probably post your question/suggestion to the Software & App Ideas subforum since its a feature request for the WD My Cloud App:

The normal method to upload a file to the My Cloud is to use the WD My Cloud App upload option, or the backup photos/videos option.